Monthly Archives: November 2008

My thoughts on Obama and misc.

New York City is truly amazing. It’s exactly where I need to be right now. I really love NYU and I am getting opportunities that I never thought I would. I mean, only last weekend I got to march in the historic Halloween Parade through the Village AND got to see Bruce Campbell in person and his new movie, “My Name is Bruce.” That weekend was so fun and I just realize how lucky I am to be here, learning as much as I can and seeing all these movies.

 Last night, when Obama become VICTORIOUS, I was out at a comedy show called Sweet starring Seth Herzog. It was groovy to feel everyone’s excitement and to see some decent comedy. When I got home, you could hear the cheering all over Brooklyn. I know Obama will keep his promises. I know a woman’s right to choose is safe and that homosexual community will not be denied their rights. Most importantly, I know my autistic Brother will receive the aid he needs to lead a better life.  I can only hope that America can come together as a country, where we are no longer divided by race or gender. Our president elect has transcended the race issue that has held great leaders back for centuries. Now, Obama will help us heal as a nation as we strive for a new era. 

Now, to get off my mushy rant, I had to post some pictures of my loves. I can’t help but love those Jackass boys. Here are some pictures of them taken by Terry Richardson: