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KMK’S Random Thoughts

I haven’t updated in a lot time because of grad school stuff and internship tasks. Excuses Excuses Excuses. 


Random Thought #1

Saw a great performance this weekend: Clifton Collins Jr. in Sunshine Cleaning. He played a one armed man who enjoys making model airplanes and selling industry cleaning supplies. Will cover him in tomorrow’s Actors’ Spotlight.

Clifton Collins Jr. in Sunshine Cleaning

Random Thought #2

Took in a double feature of Tony Gilroy’s Duplicity and Alex Proyas’ Knowing. Was pleasantly surprised by both movies. I don’t appreciate the aging Julia Roberts from the Ocean movies as much as I do the young Julia Roberts from Flatliners and Mystic Pizza, but she was very good in this. While I’m not sure if the final plot twist makes a whole lotta sense, I recommend Duplicity. Even though Clive Owen looks like a stick figure.

Knowing offers another great Nic Cage performance, this time as a single father who must try to save his son from the whispering people. To explain more about the whisper people would spoil the movie for you. Proyas manages to make a profitable film using some of his most beloved themes. Also, the disaster scenes are baller.

Nic CageeeBrilliant, but Damaged Single Father Cage bids you adieu!



Freaky Thing I Saw in the Supermarket…

Sunday. Oscar Night. Upper East Side. Gristedes.

I spot this and flip the fuck out.




Among My Favorite Diane Lane Moments…


One of my favorite movie moments of all times, let alone ones that feature Diane Lane. I could watch this scene on repeat and never tire of it. This is when  Diane Lane sings Billie Holiday’s “Am I Blue?” at the opening of her club, Vera’s, in Francis Ford Coppola’s underrated classic, The Cotton Club. Diane Lane is my favorite actress of all time. She can do no wrong, which is apparent in this clip.

Heart Broken.

Mickey lost the Oscar. My heart is shattered. I hate the Academy. You can’t make up for not passing Prop 8 (like you should have) by giving Sean Penn the Oscar for Milk.


I just want to say to you all tonight I’m very grateful to be here. A lot of people told me that I’d never wrestle again and that’s all I do. You know, if you live hard and play hard and you burn the candle at both ends, you pay the price for it. You know in this life you can loose everything you love, everything that loves you. Now I don’t hear as good as I used to and I forget stuff and I aint as pretty as I used to be but god damn it I’m still standing here and I’m The Ram. As times goes by, as times goes by, they say “he’s washed up”, “he’s finished” , “he’s a loser”, “he’s all through”. You know what? The only one that’s going to tell me when I’m through doing my thing is you people here. 


Best Movie Speech Ever. No wonder Mickey helped write it.

New York Comic Con Wrap Up

This weekend, I attended the New York Comic Con. It was amazing. Instead of writing some long entry about it, I decided just to post the highlights.


Best Panel Attended: The Warner Brothers Presentation 

The studio brought three movies to the NYCC: Watchmen, Friday the 13th and Terminator: Salvation. We were treated to the first 18 minutes of Watchmen, including a bonus prison scene, presented by Dave Gibbons. Watchmen looks so fucking amazing that I bought a poster of The Comedian. Friday the 13th looks like your typical remake of a genre classic. The producers were there, along with hottie Jared Padalecki, and they seemed pretty pumped for the movie. I’ll see it, though I’ll hate myself for it. Finally, McG came with some advance footage of Terminator Salvation and honestly, it doesn’t look that bad. In fact, it could be good, especially with the promise of some inclusion of Sarah Conner. I’m not jumping for joy or anything, but it will be a passable entry into the Terminator series. Although, I don’t think it will produce another kickass female characters that movies sorely need.

Best Icon sighting: Joss Whedon and his Dollhouse Panel


Joss Whedon was charming and everything I hoped he would be. He was just so humble and down to earth. It’s refreshing to hear a genius speak who is so appreciative of  his fans. It didn’t even matter that he wasn’t there to talk about Firefly or Buffy. We waited in line for 2 hours to get good seats and it was totally worth it.

The only bad part was that the footage, honestly, didn’t really look all that great. I mean, there was a nice homage to the Buffy series because the clip we saw featured Eliza dancing, much like she did at the beloved Bronze. I think Dollhouse will be a great show, but like Whedon’s other series, it needs a couple episodes to start out before it will get good. Plus, Helo from Bstar G was there and I think once we met his character, all my doubts will be gone. He wasn’t in any of the clips shown at the panel but he certainly teased us with upcoming details about the show.

Best Celebrity Sighting:

Besides Brandi C. and Megan from “Rock of Love”, I saw Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos walking around on the floor after his “Life on Mars” panel. He was shorter than I imagined and had long flowing hair.  Oh and Kirk Avecedo on the “Fringe” panel because he was Miguel Alvarez on “Oz”. The greatest show of all time.

Best Surprise of Comic Con:  Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation

This documentary looks back on the time in Australian cinema (70s- early 80s) where sex,nudity,  wackiness, mayhem, violence dominated the screen. While some may look on it as trash cinema, Ozploitation movies inspired directors like Quentin Tarantino and other grindhouse fanatics to make their own movies. My Netflix queue grew a bit after watching this.


Best Purchase Made: Showgirls “V.I.P Edition” DVD

 I bought the V.I.P edition of one of the greatest, campiest movies of all times, Showgirls. A vendor, that I’m sure stole his entire merchandise he brought comic con, allowed me to talk down the price of the DVD. I came home with the movie, along with two shotglasses and Showgirls themed drinking games. Ah Comic Con.


Showgirls VIP

List of Panels I attended: 

Marvel: X-Men


Not Quite Hollywood: THe Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation


Who Is The Greatest Badass Of All Time? Presented By MTV News

Wonder Woman

Watchmen, Terminator Salvation, and Friday the 13th (Warner)

Disney Presents Up and Surrogates

Summit Entertainment Presents Knowing and The Hurt Locker



All in all, a great weekend spent with great friends. Except for the Saturday morning I had to wait in line.



   NYCC line 2


My thoughts on Obama and misc.

New York City is truly amazing. It’s exactly where I need to be right now. I really love NYU and I am getting opportunities that I never thought I would. I mean, only last weekend I got to march in the historic Halloween Parade through the Village AND got to see Bruce Campbell in person and his new movie, “My Name is Bruce.” That weekend was so fun and I just realize how lucky I am to be here, learning as much as I can and seeing all these movies.

 Last night, when Obama become VICTORIOUS, I was out at a comedy show called Sweet starring Seth Herzog. It was groovy to feel everyone’s excitement and to see some decent comedy. When I got home, you could hear the cheering all over Brooklyn. I know Obama will keep his promises. I know a woman’s right to choose is safe and that homosexual community will not be denied their rights. Most importantly, I know my autistic Brother will receive the aid he needs to lead a better life.  I can only hope that America can come together as a country, where we are no longer divided by race or gender. Our president elect has transcended the race issue that has held great leaders back for centuries. Now, Obama will help us heal as a nation as we strive for a new era. 

Now, to get off my mushy rant, I had to post some pictures of my loves. I can’t help but love those Jackass boys. Here are some pictures of them taken by Terry Richardson:

A New City, A New Blog


Last Duet
Last Duet

Unlike my boys from Oz, my musical break is over. I haven’t written in a while but have decided to start anew, now that I am living in Brooklyn. I have recently started working on my Masters in Cinema Studies from New York University. I plan to use my blog for good and put all my geekiness to good use.