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Actor Spotlight for Feb. 23th-March 2nd: Pell James

pell james

After going to a showing of Fanboys, I was shocked when I saw Pell James and Jamie King playing hookers that the geeks try to get with in the Vegas part of their adventures. This made me wonder, where did Pell James go? For a while, I thought she was going to be the new Indie Darling  and it seemed her career has just stalled. I remember seeing her in James Marsh’s The King with Gael Garcia Bernal and William Hurt. I was just blown away and how she held her own against such strong and established actors. James has a certain gentle grace that is almost hypnotic. After that, Jim Jarmusch casted her  in Broken Flowers as a spritely girl named Sun Green, who entrances Bill Murray for a few moments, like so many other women in the film.

I guess her chance to really propel her career was with the film, Undiscovered, starring another “why the hell isn’t he more famous” Steven Strait, as two people struggling to make it in the L.A music industry. While the plot is tired, these two promising actors couldn’t make the film work. Maybe it’s because Ashlee Simpson had a supporting role.

The last notable project she was in was Fincher’s Zodiac as one of films first victims. In her brief screen time, her death instills a fear in the audience that would continue to grow as the film progresses. Pell James is an extremely talented actress who deserves better film roles.