KMK’S Random Thoughts

I haven’t updated in a lot time because of grad school stuff and internship tasks. Excuses Excuses Excuses. 


Random Thought #1

Saw a great performance this weekend: Clifton Collins Jr. in Sunshine Cleaning. He played a one armed man who enjoys making model airplanes and selling industry cleaning supplies. Will cover him in tomorrow’s Actors’ Spotlight.

Clifton Collins Jr. in Sunshine Cleaning

Random Thought #2

Took in a double feature of Tony Gilroy’s Duplicity and Alex Proyas’ Knowing. Was pleasantly surprised by both movies. I don’t appreciate the aging Julia Roberts from the Ocean movies as much as I do the young Julia Roberts from Flatliners and Mystic Pizza, but she was very good in this. While I’m not sure if the final plot twist makes a whole lotta sense, I recommend Duplicity. Even though Clive Owen looks like a stick figure.

Knowing offers another great Nic Cage performance, this time as a single father who must try to save his son from the whispering people. To explain more about the whisper people would spoil the movie for you. Proyas manages to make a profitable film using some of his most beloved themes. Also, the disaster scenes are baller.

Nic CageeeBrilliant, but Damaged Single Father Cage bids you adieu!



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