The Loveless (1982)


I am  so excited about The Loveless that I am still buzzing after my first viewing. Kathryn Bigalow has always been a favorite director of mine so I decided to check out her first film, The Loveless, which is also the first movie Willem DaFoe appears in. The Loveless is a throwback to the biker movies of the 1950s which featured youths on motorcycles with bad attitudes and no future, living like they just don’t care.


Bigalow’s technique is developed throughout The Loveless. The film is highly stylish and moody, just how I like it. What is the most interesting aspect of the film is the brief relationship between Vance (DaFoe) and Telena (Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains’ Marin Kanter), which is honest and frankly sexual. Telena is a damaged girl, with a mother that committed suicide and a father who sexually abuses her. While Vance is sympathetic, he will not do anything to help because that would require him to give a damn. 

Plus, the rockabilly music is fantastic, adding to the atmosphere of the picture, which is important because the pacing of the film is quite slow, adding to the overall mood. With performances ideal to the piece, especially DaFoe’s,  The Loveless is a true marvel of a film that deserves a wider audience.



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